"lot ID" & "ref lot ID" in AX

What is “lot ID” & “ref lot ID” in AX
The "lot ID " generated by AX is unique for that transaction or two transactions can have same “lot ID”


Lot Id is a number Sequence created when a purchase order is created or sales order is created…Where as, ref Lot id is meant for reference for the lot_id as through which process, the lot id has been created…:slight_smile: You can see it in Accounts Receivable or Accounts Payable module…

To extend this,

Lot Id is the unique transaction id, that every inventory transaction will have.

Ref Lot id, is the transaction id by which the transactions can be related, mainly used for marking.

When a sales order line is marked against a purchase order line, the purchase order line transaction will have reference lot id as lot id of sales order and vice versa.

so this lot Id will never be same for two transactions ??

Yes. But in inventTrans you can see one or more transactions having same lot Id, which is a result of splitting a single inventory transaction.


I think , lot id will be unique for purchid…for example, one purchid is created, then one one lotid will created for that purchid…whenever [packing is done for that purchid, the lotid will be there for every transaction for that purch id…kindly verify that, whenever tyhe transcation is splitting, you will get the same purchid for same lotid…If i was wrong, plz tell me the correct path so that i can understand the correct functionality of the usage of Lotid…thank you in advance…

No, it is irrespective of the TransType , means for all the inventory transactions resulted from any of the transaction reference(TransType) the lot id will be created. A Purchase order can have number of lines, for every purchLine a lot id will be created and it will be different. Two or more inventory transactions can have same lot id when the same transaction is split. Suppose a sales order is created for 2 quanity and a purchase order is created for same with 1 quantity, when the purchase order line is marked with the sales order line, the single sales order line will split into two transactions having same lot id, among the two one will be marked against the purchase order line which will be having the reference lot id.

Can we know how the Inventory transactions are reserved against each other? Marking happens only at lot level.

Hi kranthi

how can i map sales order line to a purchase order.I am new to functional area.

  1. What i know is suppose our company A received a PO from vendor B,then company A will create a PO and the same time vendor B will create SO.

Company A will post PO,do packing slip and then lastly invoice and payment.

Then where this SO link with PO comes ?

2)Secondly i would like to ask…in each PO line we have different LOT ID →

Then how it helps in tracking an item in a company ?

item related things we can check in inventory->transactions…then what other things lot id can help us to track ? or is it something different ?