Lot ID not specified Error

Hi All,

When i was creating a purchase order for an intercompany vendor account, the purchase order has been created but when i was creating line level data for that order, lot id is not generated and throws an error " Lot ID not specified Error "…For other vendor accounts, there is no problem… How to solve this issue… What are flow for creating and saving the purchline so that i can identify this error…PLZ help

Hi All,

I found out why the error comes…In Invent Update class, "new " method,there is one std code movement.id…If !movement_id condition is there, then it will throw the error above…Else the record will be saved…So Plz help me to solve this issue


Please make sure that the Lot Id no. in the number sequence of inventory management is present in both the companies.


Hi Pranav,

This is same company account only…while creating a purchase order, when you are selecting the vendor account, there are two types of vendor account, ordinary vendor acc and intercompany acc. if u select intercompany vendor account, and in create some line level data, it is not saving for that account… This is the problem…