Lost values in request page when changing language

We have a customer who needs to select another language in a particular company. In the database we have company A, B and company C. The user needs to run language = 1044 in both company A and C. In company B the language needs to be 1033.
The problem is that although the reports have been set up with the option “save values” in requestpage, the values are not stored when the user change language. When opening another company and without changing the language, the values are stored.

Does anybody know if it is possible to take care of such values per language and per user? Is the only option to generate a separate database for company B?

Does these fields happen to be Option Fields? This could be the reason…

This was also the same when just setting filter on other Fields also.

The Product is MS NAV 2013 R2 (Version (7.10.36366). (Norwegian Version)