Looping through the Tables and Fields data

Hi Dear, If anybody need the code for looping through the Tables and fields data - Define the following variables - Name…DataType…Subtype…Length varRecordRef…RecordRef varFieldRef…FieldRef varTables…Record…Object varFields…Record…Field varTables.SETRANGE(varTables.Type,varTables.Type::Table); IF varTables.FIND(’-’) THEN REPEAT varRecordRef.OPEN(varTables.ID,FALSE); IF varRecordRef.FIND(’-’) THEN REPEAT varFields.RESET; varFields.SETRANGE(varFields.TableNo,varTables.ID); IF varFields.FIND(’-’) THEN REPEAT varFieldRef:=varRecordRef.FIELD(varFields.“No.”); MESSAGE(‘Table : %1\Field : %2\Value : %3’,varTables.Name,varFieldRef.NAME,varFieldRef.VALUE); UNTIL varFields.NEXT=0; UNTIL varRecordRef.NEXT=0; UNTIL varTables.NEXT=0;

Hi Mukesh, but when I have 2.50 there was no RecordRef property… Thanks

Ya This code only works in 3.7.

There is a nice 2forms solution to export data from any table… http://www.mibuso.com/dlinfo.asp?FileID=350 Quickly export desired Navision data from any table to TXT file. 1. Select table. 2. Select any of fields (All,None,Toggle,Manual). 3. Set filters (for any field). 4. Export to txt. Other features: - Include row with FieldID, FieldName, FieldType. - TAB or ; separated. - Quick tips/help included. - 2 forms only.

Again it uses recordref and fieldref so it requires 3.60+