Hi ,

I need some help on lookup part.

For example: I have a form

Where Student ID and Open is a field and OPen is a check box field.

Where student table is a table hving these two feilds

Another Form which is a test form with a string control. Now here i have created a lookup of Stu id by creating relation on EDt.

But i want this lookup to be filtered in a way that for those student Id’s where open check box is tick , only those student ids should be shown in lookup on test form, where test form has just a string control.

I tried writing query on lookup method of the string control.

Please help .

Thanks & Regards


Hey I got the problem resolved…


Hello Geetika,

I think when you are writing the query at that time u can provide the Range that will add only check box enabled data…


Pranav Gupta


Hey Pranav,

My Issue is already Resolved.



Ohk, can u give me the code for that…

my mail id is pgspranav2@gmail.com

I wrote a look up method on form data source using Query Classes.

Also mentioned the range there.