Lookup Through Code - SSRS Report AX2012

Hi Friends

I need to get input of site & location in the SSRS report input.

The location lookup should show the relavent locations pertaining to the site selected.

I am getting two inputs(Site&Location) through a Contract class.

Methods are parmSiteId(),parmLocationId().




return inventSiteId;


InventSiteId parmSiteId(InventSiteId _siteNum = inventSiteId)


inventSiteId = _siteNum;

After getting the site as input the filtered location must be shown in the location lookup.

Can anyone suggest how to write lookups for site and Filtered Location?

Hi, you will have to look towards the so called UI classes which allow you to have a certain level of interactivity in user input dialog.

I don’t have access to AX2012 at the moment, but you will definitely find an example in Microsoft SYS layer code.

Here is a good blog article describing what one can achieve with UI Builder classes:


Hi Valeru,

What I understood is that you need to filter the second lookup on the dialog based on the first.

You can refer following links. They will help you I am sure.

  1. http://dynamicsaxgyan.wordpress.com/2012/05/11/add-dialog-fields-and-runtime-lookups-in-ssrs-report-parameters-dynamics-ax-2012/

  2. http://ssrsax.blogspot.in/2012/05/filtering-drop-down-list-based-on.html