Looking Partner to implement and sell Dynamics 365 Business Central for my clients


My company BiSemA Corporation www.bisema.com brings a better way of delivering office furniture catalog data to the furniture dealers by putting catalog data on Microsoft Azure and integrating the specification order to Dynamics 365 Business Central.

I am going to reach more than 92,000 office furniture dealers in North America and then to the other part of the world where the current furniture datalog data is still distributed by download and mailing DVD.

BiSemA finished the development and now looking for a partner who is well established to sell and implement the D365BC so that my upcoming clients will have a smooth transfer to BiSemA 's Cloud-Based Contract Office Furniture Specification Services

Please visit www.bisema.com to reach to me

Thank you

Semegne Tafesse

Good day, Semegne Tafesse.

Just a small question - what DB do you use and how do you plan to use (to see) the integration (the issue - if you want to transfer sales & returns (B2B & B2C) it is 1 point and if you want to develop fill integration - it is another point))?

P.S. I just wrote the question here to avoid many extra-messages [emoticon:c4563cd7d5574777a71c318021cbbcc8]

Thank you

I am looking for a partner that will implement and sell D365BC for my prospective clients.

I did all integration on D365BC with Azure and AutoCAD.

Thank you again


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