Looking for: Multiple VAT Registration No. support

We wish to implement a multiple VAT Registration’s numbers for one of our company which has operations across the EU and also for some of vendors and customers of this company who have multiple VAT No. too. In standard Crouns installation there is “one and only one” field for enter Vat Registration No. per Company,Customer and Vendor cards. Our company has 3 diferent VAT Registrations in diferent countries, and report about VAT transaction to three diferent Tax authority! I think It must be some solutions for this, becose many company have foreign departments. Thank you, for your help or offers, Stanko.

Don’t you have your three departments in three different companies inside Navision ? A VAT Reg. No. is bound to an address (exact spelling) anyway. So you would need three different addresses. If you cannot use three different companies in one DB or three different databases, you should think about using the reponsibility centers. These do by default not supprot VAT Reg. No. but this would be an easy task to implement.

Thank you Thomas, I will consider this option. I’m suprised that only me (our company) have this issue about multiple VAT Registration No. By, Stanko