Looking for Help to Automate & Streamline the Create New Item Process in BC/NAV (on premise)

Hello Everyone,

I am interested to see if anyone has accomplished what we are trying to do.

We have a desire to streamline and automate our create new item process in Business Central (NAV). We are running BC14 on premise. Our vision is to use PowerAutomate (Flow) or some other process flow tool and integrate it with BC so that when someone completes an entry in BC (ex: Assign Dimensions, Assign costs, Assign Sales Prices, etc.) an email notification will be sent to the next person that needs to complete an action in BC.

We got one of the similar sort of requirement where in as email was supposed to be triggered when someone wants to increase the Credit Limit of the Customer. Is was very simple though and we achieved via workflow. So I guess Workflow/Power Automate is something which for sure is going to help you out, just a beet of exploration needed I belief.


Adding to RockWithNAV reply… I agree with RockWithNAV that Power Automate is the way to achieve this. Though I am not the expert here, I have seen a lot done with Power Automate that out-of-the-box NAV or BC cannot accomplish. You make email Belinda Allen or Mary Thompson, who I think are Power Automate gurus.



Good idea, Steve. Thanks. I was surprised that our BC partner was unable to assist.

Although Power Automate Workflows would be a great way to do it, then it’s not possible as it does work for on-premise.

Create workflow from Power Automate Power Automate does not integrate with on-premises workflow functionality. You can’t create new workflows based on existing Power Automate templates in on-premises deployments of Business Central.

Ref: docs.microsoft.com/…/features-not-implemented-on-premises