Looking for guidance - adding activities to AX from task list in MS Project, updating Project with activity status

I don’t know if this is the correct forum for this information, but I’ll start here. I have a client who is using AX to manage work performed by staff throughout the company, including some who are working on projects managed in MS Project. The team tracks all their time using activities in AX. The project manager would like to populate their activity list in AX using the tasks assigned to them in MS Project so that they only have one task/activity list to work from and when they complete Project tasks found in AX, it could be exported from AX and imported as an update to tasks in Project.

Simply put - has anyone else got experience with this process? Can it be done? Is it something that can be somewhat automated with import procedures and export procedures that will pull the tasks from a CSV or Excel file to add to activities and then dump activities for those staff members back out to an Excel or CSV that can be used as updates for Project?

Can this be done with just Project 2010 without Project Server?