Looking for Dynamics Marketing/CRM Consultant

Hope this isnt a breach of protocol, but we are looking for a Dynamics Consultant (not a large MS Consulting Partner…we already have one of those :slight_smile: ) who can help us create a standardized templates for digital marketing campaigns built and managed in Dynamics 365 Marketing/Sales.

Looking for someone with expertise in digital marketing (multi-channel), social media, crm, on the dynamics platform.

Thank you in advance.


No breach of protocol here :slight_smile: Welcome to the group!

How about a very small partner? We really like Peter Wolf and the Azamba team. If you want an introduction, let me know.

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Thank you Tom. Would love the introduction! Sorry for the delayed reply…

Peter Wolf, Azamba CRM. pwolf@azamba.com 773-755-7745. Good luck, let me know if I may be of further assistance.

Hey Tom,

Thank you so much.

Besides being a great resource to this user’s group, what do you do professionally?

I am attempting to build a marketing platform for financial services marketers using Dynamics. It has been difficult to identify development resources that are both knowledgeable and reasonably priced. Thinking about bringing our development in-house.

Would love to get your thoughts, if this process is something you see frequently.


Please reach out to riddhi.thakkar@int.biztechcs.com if your still looking forward to such consultants. :slight_smile: