Looking for Complete NAV 2013 Feature List


I have found information on ‘what’s new’ for 2013 - but I’m really after a simple listing of features for the full product.

My company owns an older version of NAV (some sort of hybrid between 3.X and 2009) and I have the job of investigating how business needs will be met with NAV 2013 (or a different product all together).

So does anyone know where I can find a feature list for 2013?



Check the following MSDN Link


Hi - thanks for responding.

This appears to be another ‘what’s new in 2013’ list of features and doesn’t give me a complete list.

Any other ideas?

try this


Thanks Mohana - but I’ve seen this comparison tool before too. It would be great if I had a feature list for previous versions.

Any other ideas?