Looking for a partner in Germany

Good evening,

We are looking for a partner in Germany who can assist us in a project to interface between Navison V5 and external applications.

Our request is mainly focussed on the Navison part.

Thanks in advance


You can have a look at the Microsoft Solution Finder. There are 195 partners for Dynamics NAV in Germany listed.

If you look for a partner with international experience, you can also visit Tectura. [;)]


Where is your German project supposed to be located? For southern GE I could give some recommendations. Also, the “branch” which is focused would be interessting …

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Go to http://www.qurius.com/de-DE/Pages/default.aspx these guys are Microsoft largest partner in europe. Have expertise in infrastructure integration.

Hi Jörg,

That will be in Nuremberg, It will be a eBusiness solution. We are looking for the knowledge how to approach the Navision V5 structure. We need to integrate with a WEB shop solution (developed by us).

If you can help great.

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Hello Freeman2008,

if you were looking for an international Partner with experience and knowledge in integration also of Web Solutions don’t hesitate to contact us http://www.columbusit.de or http://www.columbusit.com

with kind Regards

T. Zaun

Cool! I actually live near Nürnberg (int: Nuremberg), knowing lots of partners there!

As don’t want to do some public advertisement, I’ll send you my recommendations via private message.



Guten Tag Joerg,

Ich bin mit Centerline Software im USA, und wir suchen NAV Partners im Deutschland (und jetz schreibe Ich lieber im English - meine Eltern sind aus Hamburg).

Centerline Software developed the Pivotier Report Writer and Development Tools using the latest Microsoft technologies. With Pivotier, NAV Classic and RTC users are able to use the latest Microsoft reporting technologies for rich data visualization on database versions 4-plus, and run reports in Windows, Web and Mobile devices.

This week at Directions in Orlando we will be announcing Announcing Pivotier Express Plus & Pivotier 2 Go

Changing the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Reporting Paradigm Forever!

enefits as a Centerline partner (besides being one of the first to offer our product in Germany):

• Up sell immediately into your existing customer base.

• Solve the top rated NAV functionality deficit overnight.

• Out-demo all other ERP products with NAV reporting as your selling point.

• Deploy 21st Century reporting technologies to your customers now versus in years to come.

• Increase the SQL Server value proposition to drive upgrade revenue.

The Pivotier Suite includes:

  • Pivotier BIZ – easy, fast and colorful embedded reporting for end users in both Classic and RTC interfaces – without the need for “experts.”
  • Pivotier IT – uses Microsoft’s most modern report development tool – SSBIDS (aka Visual Studio) – to replace the C/SIDE Report Designer with a 100% Classic and RTC user interface. Pivotier IT reports are 15-30 times faster than C/SIDE and Excel-based reports.
  • Pivotier WEB – publishes all Pivotier reports to SQL Reporting Services (SSRS) & Sharepoint using RDL 2008/2010 specifications. SSRS will schedule reports for distribution to users who can refresh report content using only a web browser. All this without consuming your customer’s expensive NAV user sessions!

I would be interested in talking to German NAV partners about their company and about the Pivotier Report Writer. Maybe you are intersted as well. I am based on Southern California, tomorrow I will be flying to Orlando, FL, so a phone conversation may be a little easier next week.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Warmest Regards,

Karen Beaulieu