Look at my new toy :-)

unfortunately the site is in Danish. http://www.hobbyogfritid.dk/micro_biler.htm This is great fun!!

Lars, I got one of these for Xmas!!! They are fun! Would prefer a helicopter though!

Mine is a Tomy yellow convertible. Birthday present last year - did not come with the nifty track though! Fancy a race Lars? [:D]

Well… i prefer this type of cars…http://www.bmwusa.com/assets_client/vehicles/Z4/0328/0328_main.gif.

Alfonso, Where can I get hold of a miniature one of those? [:D]

Connull… in fact there are miniatures for sale of that one right now. I’ve received a catalog from BMW USA where they’re offering cups, caps, t-shirts and also miniatures of the Z4… :slight_smile: If you need more information about that i can send you some when i arrive at home tonight (it will be almost tomorrow morning for you :slight_smile: )

After reviewing the brochure again i’ve noticed that what i though at first sight were miniatures are in fact small cards for kids between 3 and 5 years (pedal and battery ones)… so they’re not really miniatures (as a kid has to fit in). Regards,

Darnit… My cat ate mine!