Logo in SSRS report is not printing in another company

Hi All,

I have multi company in my environment. When i am printing report for Company “A” logo is printing . When same report running from company “B” it’s showing blank.

I went through the form and code . Logo is setup for this company also code is taking Image as size 1.

Is there anything i am missing in Company “B” or any setup which i need to take care ?

Is that a custom report? Have a look at the design and see if any expression is used for visibility of the logo.

It’s a standard report we changed the design for it. there is no visible expression in this image.

If there is no expression on visibility and value is assigned properly in the code, then it should be printing the logo.

that’s the issue it’s nt prining in other company

For one company it’s printing

Just removed the image and insert one new image and it’s work … Don’t know the issue …

But now Admin can see the image but user is not able to view it

Here was the problem … Reason And solution

1- First of all image was not visible to another company for any user (admin also)…

for that is just removed the image and add a new fresh image and it’s work fine

2- then the image was not visible to other user apart then Admin

Reason was user don’t had permission in header table so i just created privileges and duties for that and added that table in it. It’s work fine for all user which have the access of newly created Duties