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Hi friends,

I had created radiobutton ex: A,B,C on my dialog box,when i select A i need to print one ‘Alogo’ ,if i select B then i need to display 'Blogo ’ …etc.,How can i put filter for logos? where i hav to store my logos?..can anybody help me …plz.

Thanks a lot in advance

Hi Jyothi,

You can give condition in fetch method as,

  1. If RadioButtonA.checked == true or like similiar condition, you can import logo as like that.


create a new method…Use a switchcase and call that method in Fetchmethod …


Thanks for reply…but my problem is not condition…its where i hav to my logos in AX, if i use resources , how to get the resource code.

(Or) if i try to use company image it will take only one image for company…but i want to store 3 images.


Funny i was just doing the same thing this morninig, resources is not a good idea as it will need to be refrenced at each client station which is not very feasable (i am not sure if there is a better way to share the resources from the server), however what i did was make a replicate of the companyImage table as well as a simple form it that memics that one onf the company info (browse image) and added multiple records there and you can reference each by an ID, lets say logo1, logo2, logo3

once that done it should be simple to control which one to print based on the field on the report by altering the display method and adding the conditions just like the post before said:

case (value= A)
display logo1;
case (value = B)
display logo2;

go to Basic module >> Setup >> CompanyInfo >> Click on Company Logo, u can see the company logo.

Same like u can add the another 2 bottons on the same form, take two window controls and add the bitmap fields to save the Images for the same company.

hii guys,

Thanks for reply.

Hi ziad,

company Info —> Browse image can take only one image for company naa.

But i want 3 images for the intercompany’s in a company…If u know about this plz reply me

the solution to this requires some development skills, valeru already suggested the solution however if you want help developing it let me know maybe if i find the time develop the project for you


You need to store the images in the company image table.