Login fail to sqlserver in 3 tier architecture

Hello Everyone

MSSQLSERVER-2008 on with instance name MSSQLSERVER and Name is NAVDB

NAVSERVER on with default instance name is DynamicsNAV comp name NAVSRV

Active directory on with user NAVSPN with admin rights

Client on client machine with user1 in Active Directory

Completed all steps for object change listner using user NAVSPN which is my NAVSRV user and also NAVDB user

For Setting up Delegation

Setspn -A DynamicsNAV/NAVSRV.abc.org:7046 abc\NAVSPN done on NAVSRV

setspn -A MSSQLSvc/NAVDB.abc.org:1433 abc\NAVSPN done on SQL Server

then completed delegation registration for User NAVSPN on Active directory

Still SQLServer Login fail error coming not getting prob

Did you setup proper windowns authentication settings?

If you are still getting problem then you can test with tool


i tried this tool it is giving me error like

Constrained delegation is not configured for SPN ‘MSSQLSvc/’ for user account