Login Error: Connection with Application object server could not be established.


I have installed AX client in the Remote machine which is in different IP segment. consider firewall is open for my home network and two way communication has enabled.

I have tested the Ports using the telnet from remote machine.

eg: telnet

Yesterday i was successfully working on AX client.

But today when i the AX client on my remote machine I am getting an Error "Login Error: Connection with Application object server could not be established"

Even for AX 2009 also displaying the same error.

Please give me some idea to resolve this issue.

Thanks in AdvanceSmile


Go to cmd prompt and type: ipconfig/renew

this will solve your issue




Have you tried to start the services? Please go to adminitrative tools > services > dynamic > start.

hope this helps. Thank you

AOS is running fine. I can able to access from other AX Client on my Home network

I tried with your solution. But not solved.

For your information…

i tried to generate WCF configuration using ax configuration wizard. I got the error message saying that meta data service not accessible. Please check the url. after that i changed the internet explorer proxy setting. then i am successfully able to generate WCF configuration.

the ports for the server machine also open.

stil i am receiving the same connection error when opening AX 2009 & 2012

Hi ,

Create New configuration use same details like server name and port number and WSDL details… After that select the Refresh Button.