login authentication

Hi, Does anyone know the way create login authentication in Microsoft dynamic 2009. Currently, the ax5 will auto login once click on the application icon. May I know in Microsoft dynamic 2009, can i have the same feature as Axapta 3 for the user login. How to create it? Your help really appreciated.I am not using EP


I may misunderstood your question but if what you want is to have the possibility to log in with a different user from the one you use to log in windows, you can see the following link:




AX works on windows authentication. There is no such feature after AX 3.0.


Hi Vikrant,

Unlike AX 3.0 which operated on basic security, AX 2009 has been closely integrated with AD as an additional security layer.

Therefore in AX 2009 I believe it is not possible to create AX 3.0 user login.

Hi Thomas ,

My requirement is …whenever we double click the ax2009 icon or run it from command before actually opening the entire application a form should open where the user will enter a login id and password which are stored in a table and after verifiction the application should open or close if not verified

I tried using application class and startuppost method but no success may be i am doing it incorrectly

any help will be appriciated