Log In Error


I’ve changed the Microsoft Dynamics AX Configuration from-------Control Panel----Administrative Tools-----MS Dynamics AX 2012 Configuration-----Create New Configuration------Connection, than i add the new configuration with new AOS and Server Name. I did all, so that all clients can access the test machine and pass few entries before we go on live machine, and i’ve changed the same setup in my personal machine and i can login on test machine successfully, but when the users are trying to login on the system, it gives error message that “User Account has been disabled by the Administrator” where all the users are enabled.

Any Solution Please…!!!



With best of my knowledge and what I understood from this is-

  • Make sure that “User Account” is enabled and “Network-Domain” is accessible by client also. Sometimes personal machines take the credentials automatically, so verified it again whether the “User” is enabled or not.
  • If you are using bridge of .Net then Try to login with “LoginAs” instead of “Login”. It worked fine for me.

Let me know, if I am wrong in the understanding of your query.