log if document is printed

Is there a way to tell if a sales order has been printed? We take sales orders in a different location than shipping. The sales people print the pick list to the shipping department printer. Several times they get interrupted and forget to print. It would be nice if this could be automatic when they release the order but that may be impossible. Any help will be deeply appreciated.

Navison 6.0

Look at how are designed these reports, that refuse to print from Preview, saying “quit Preview & print directly” - R406 “Posted PO” for example.

This behaviour is just for what you are asking for - possibility to trace printout count, and SO can be redesigned so, too. Automatic printout following the Release is questionable, as Reopen is possible, means, SO might be changed afterwards.

I have found a way to auto print thanks for everyone’s help.


I Modris suggestion didn’t help, then we’ll love to hear the solution to your problem, in case another member is asking the same question.

The solution I have is not perfect but is working ok. I went to financial management, sales marketing, report selections. On the pick ticket i checked print when released.

I think it borders on impossible to find out if a report is printed except having a person check.

In AX each print is held and can be viewed in the inquiries, it adds a digit to each print, so sales order 100 is seen as 100-01, 100-02 etc. It does this by storing many of the fields in different tables - so database space is the sacrifice here!


So you can count how many times a print job has been started, not how many copies have been printed {;)]

First, you may set copy count in Navision (Windows Print dialog), but “super-puper” printers may multiply this count, and you get more, then, a trivial paper jam may occur and you get less - this is especially painful in batch printing, when you must check a pile of 1000+ invoices to find which ones exactly were “eaten” by printer…

PS all this applies to my own earlier post, too. [;)]

Hi Modris

That is true, I was just adding to David’s comment about doing it from a different Dynamics perspective, but yes that is print jobs and not copies.

Just to confuse matters there is a post option on the print dialogue, and if unchecked you print it and it does not post it to the next level, and therefore does not create a copy in the other tables - one way of printing proformas etc.

Just spreading how the dark side does it as well!!

Wrong. My post was referring to exactly what Modris points out. There is NO way to know what was printed. Yes you can count how many times the system THINKS a report was printed, but there is no way to be sure.

In fact users will see a number “printed 5” and will believe that as gospel, so in fact the counter is more dangerous than not even having a field.

Take this example (true story) http://wiki.dynamicsbook.com/index.php?title=Unable_to_Post_invoices

I was just saying how the NAV brother handles this, apologies for the difference on counters of spooled and not, it was posted more to show how different systems handle it when Dynamics is one offering, but perhaps I wont bother again [:D]

Also not really sure why I am wrong when I am adding to a comment, but there you go.