locked by another user error

I am using NAV 2013 and have one user that is trying to post invoices and they keep getting the locked by another user error.They seem to get this error pretty regularly and they are the only one that posts invoices. I have checked the posts but nothing seems to be what I am looking for. Any thoughts?

restart the nav service, then try again.

Hi Kyle,

If it continues after the restart, then check if you have the latest CU (cumulative update). I remember one of the customers I worked on with NAV 2013 some months after the release kept getting this error. Here it turned out that a it the service not release the table after an error.

Restarting the service releases the database and the users again. But I found a CU from Microsoft PartnerSource/CustomerSource that solved the problem.

But NAV should not get this problem in the first place. While it could happen once, but if you keep getting the error, then it’s most likely a problem in the code. I were able to debug the user who caused the locking, and found a never ending loop. And “something” similar might exist in your code too.

Check on Inventory Setup whether you have enabled the automatic cost posting .

If Yes then in In General Ledger Setup you should tick on Use Legacy G/L Entry Locking …

Hope this will resolve your problem.

Hi Kyle!

How many users there are in your company?

What chart prints a mistake?

Could you post the error’s image?

The lock’s error, notices us a problem with database

Normally, the programs work with users, and users can insert, they can modify or they can delete lines in a database table.

Something very common in Dynamics NAV and other management programs is to solve the troubles getting decrease the lock errors of tables.

An example of lock, can happen when an user tried save/modify or delete a record in a table X of the database, if there is a process which is executing by another user or by the system at the same time, if process uses the X table to save, modify or delete records, this process will lock the table, for that system shows the error so that it can’t save the same record at the same time, as both records could contain distinc information, the system doesn’t know what are the information what should priorize.

There is some issues for optimize this kind of errors:

  • By code in Dynamics NAV

  • Server cluster

I give you a few links talking about subject:





good luck!

Dear Anmol

I am not found Legacy G/L Entry Locking field in GL Setup