Lock Sales order lines fields


Is there a way to “lock” the description and price fields in the sales order? We want the ability to populate the description and price from item number but have that not editable.

We would also like the sales order lines to pre populate with “item” and not have to select item under type. Is this possible?


Not without customization. What is the business reason behind this, though? Especially for the Type field. It will automatically default to the value from the line above it, so you should only have to select it once. Are the people entering orders really losing that much time having to do this?

The client does not want to allow the CSR’s to be able to edit pricing or descriptions. I could not find a way to “lock” those fields easily, so sounds like if that what he wants it will have to go to dev (billable) Again, populating “item” takes about a sec, I dont think it takes much time, but like they say “the customer is always right” so I figured I would see if there was an easy way to do this. I guess order time is a big issue, I had to create cross references so the CSR’s wouldnt have to put 00 in from of the item number.

Anyway, thanks for the info.

You can try going to the Sales Line Table, View the properties of the “Type” field.
Change “InitValue” property to “ITEM”

While you’re there - go to the description * price fields, view the properties of those fields and change the property “Editable” to no.