Lock reservations

Hi All ,

What is the meaning of lock reservations in AXAPTA and clear lock reservations ?

How does it differ with cancel reservations ?

Please explain with an example.

Any help ?

It locks them at the dimensions that are not necessarily primary (which it reserves at by default), cancel removes the reservation.

Still i am not clear about the explanation . If your time permits [:)] please explain with an example.

When you display a specific dimension combination in the Reservation form and then edit or enter a quantity in the Reservation field, the reservation is locked to the selected dimensions and the reserved quantity is dedicated to these dimensions. You can unlock dimensions by clearing the check boxes under Lock reservations.

If Primary stocking is specified for an item via the product dimension group, the dimension is always locked and it cannot be unlocked.

So if you did not primary stock batch number the system could reserve at site and warehouse, but you could go in and add the batch, locking the reservation. Really it just means reserve, but potentially at a different level, whilst cancel is removing the reservation.