Lock on NumberSequenceTable (Ax 2.5 sp4 + 8.1.7)

Dear All, We use Axapta 2.5 with SP4 and Oracle 8.1.7i for about 2,5 years. Two weeks ago we encountered serious problem with axapta freezing during the process of invoice posting (3-4 times a day). It seems that posting operation with its last ttscommit is locking NumberSequenceTable. After that, all code parts witch are trying to reserve or simply get number from any sequence are hanging. The only way to disable lock is restarting AOS or killing blocking session (with mode 3 (exclusive)) from Oracle console and after that clearing numbers with use of NumberSeqCleanUp class. It happens only with continuos number sequence. It seems that problem lays in ttscommit or ttsabort and appl.setNumberSeqAutoClean. After disabling cleanIdx++; cleanNumList[cleanIdx] = numberSequenceCode; cleanNumTransId[cleanIdx] = transId; in Application/setNumberSeqAutoClean axapta stops hanging but lots of lines in NumberSequenseList with Active status appear. Short (dirty) solution: disable ad hoc cleaning in Application class and periodicaly clean number manually. But why does it happen, where and how to prevent that kind of problems in the future ? Best regards Wladyslaw Jedryka