Location wise entries required

Dear all,

We have 10 locations, we want all the entries(General,Sales, purchase etc.) location wise

and after that we need reports also location wise (Account schedules,Trial balance, Balance sheet etc. all reports)

How to achieve this in Navision ?

Hi Prakash,

Seems to me like you need these totally independant data sets so the only issue is the master data. I would recommend multiple companies and replicate the master data over the companies. I would steer clear of using the datapercompany=no property as it can cause many issues.

use also location as global dimension value, and a responsibility center if needed

Hi Prakash, Solution for your problem is to use One of the globel dimension as a Location, it will help you to divide all kind of financial data as per the location as well as peperation of P&L, Balance Sheet location wise.


Kapil Kumar

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