Location Filter with option to select multiple values


I want to create a new field on User Setup, Loc.Filter

Field Name = „Loc. Filter (Stock Statement)“

Data Type = Code

Length = 250

Table Relation = Location (14)

But I want to select multiple values in this field such as RED|BLUE|YELLOW

I checked the Loc Filter field on item card in that fieldclass is flowfilter when i did same then it apply same filter to whole table.

But I need diff location filter for diff users. How can i do that?? Please help.

What functionality is it you want to acheive?

You need to write code for that on validate of LocCode field.

When the user selects the Location Code first add the previous code with the second.

If LocCode <>’’ then

LocCode:= LocCode + ‘|’ + Location.Code


LocCode:= Location.Code;


You can use the setselection and GetSelectionFilter reffer the customer list form this will allow you to select multiple values to filter.


Jerome Marshal. J

Hi Shweta,

Are you asking for help with the process of populating the flowfilter field that you’re creating in user setup, or with the process of applying those filter values to various tables like the Item record? Both maybe?

To give you a quick tip on filling a form control with multiple values from a lookup table (like you’re doing now), take a look at the ClearOnLookup property of the textbox control that you added to the form that you’re using to enter filter values. If you change that value to No, the you should be able to build the filter string you’re describing.