Loading Posted Sales Invoices into Intercompany Outbox

Hello all,

One of our users generated a sales invoice for an intercompany partner in Microsoft Business Central. However, due to the user’s restricted access to the other company, the invoice was successfully posted but is not showing up in the other company’s purchase invoices.

Typically, I can locate such invoices from the “Intercompany Handled/Outbox Transactions,” but I’m currently unable to find the specific invoice issued by the user.

Given that this user has issued numerous invoices of this type to companies set as intercompany partners, is there a method to load these invoices onto the “IC Outbox” and re-transmit them to the other company?

I’ve also verified that the “IC Partner Code” fields in the sales lines are correctly populated. However I can’t seem to find this field for Sales Headers

Does anyone have any insights on this? Your assistance is greatly appreciated.