Load SourceTable on page NAV 2013

Hi Everybody

I need to make the tables selectable.

For example, as shown below. When I choose, Table is a Vendor or Customer. Then I click the view. It will list the list.

Table Option: Vendor, Customer button: View
No Name Name 2

Please help me with the solution. Thanks so much.



Not sure what you are trying to accomplish but I will try to answer your question. You can have a variable say Tabletype Option Vendor,Customer and also you can have to write some code on OnAssist Edit trigger such that based on the option selected it will bring up the list. For example if you select Customer then on Assist Edit you will write a the code as

If Tabletype = tabletype::Customer then

page.runmodal(Page::“Customer list”)

if tabletype = tabletype::vendor then

page.runmodal(page::“Vendor list”);


Thanks you