Load planning workbench TRAX ax 2012

Dear All,

I have created a purchase order, confirmed the same, in warehouse management tab clicked on Load planning workbench, but the lines are not shown in the purchase lines tab of Load planning workbench. Can anybody tell me if I have missed any setting or the flow.

I am using AX 2012 R3.


Shweta K

Is the warehouse on the PO Line enabled for Warehouse Management?
Is the Storage Dimension Group of the item enabled for Warehouse Management?

Hi Guy,

Could you please guide me to enable for above mentioned points?

Thanks you.

Hi Shweta

Check the Warehouse management implementation guide:


Hi Guy,

Thank you very much for the help. I am seeing the message in pink in the Storage dimension group saying

“Storage dimension group <> uses warehouse management processes that are enabled by the Warehouse and Transportation management configuration key, but the Warehouse management II configuration key is also enabled. This combination is not supported. Choose and enable only one configuration key”.

I disabled Pallets in the Warehouse management II configuration key. But still the message is displayed.

Warehouse and Transport management key is enabled already. Kindly assist.

These two blog posts explain it better than I could:



If you’re putting this environment to UAT or Live, I would get the decision made to enable either WMSII or Warehouse Management. But of course you may want to look at the new Warehouse and Transportation Management functionality first, and if you are just testing the new functionality, you can ignore the pink message. (I have only heard of one error in new Warehouse management caused by WMSII being enabled).

Hi Shweta,

Are you able to see the lines In PO lines ( load Planning workbench) since I am facing the same issue.

But per advise provided, I enabled Advance WH management both in WH and Storage dimension, however I am still not finding that line.

Please help,