List of unallocated Credit Memos

Hi All,

After posting the invoices and credit memos, our Finance department want to see the unallocated credit memos so that they can allocate it against the respective invoice.

Is there a way to view the unallocated credit memos in a list format on Navision?



on Customer card you can drill down on Balance and filter on credit memos and remaining amount <>0 you’ll see the list. then click on apply button to start the application. if you want to see all customer remove the customer filter from the list.

Whilst Rashed’s advise is 100% correct, I would prefer to filter on the field OPEN yes. The reason is that Remaining Amount is a flow field, so filteing on it can be very slow.

The results though will be the same.

If I want to build a screen that shows the unallocated credit memos only, what are the fields to take in account? Can anyone please reply?

I think there are no report screens available on Navision for this.


If you really need separate form for this, run existing Form 25 Customer Ledger Entries with preset filter Doc.Type=Credit Memo, Open=Yes. No need to create new one*.*

There already are necessary controls to start applying these outstanding Cr.Memos.

??? what did you mean by this?


I managed to build a screen to get all the unallocated credit memos. At the moment te form’s SourceTableView property has the filter value set as SORTING(Open,Due Date) ORDER(Ascending) WHERE(Open=FILTER(Yes),Document Type=FILTER(Credit Memo)).

Now I need to add one more filter on Document No. field (should work like the LIKE and OR operator in SQL) so that the search criteria would be as per below.

WHERE (Open=FILTER(Yes) AND (Document Type=FILTER(Credit Memo) OR Document No. LIKE ‘CRV%’)

Can anyone please help with this?

Thanks, Vinod


Take care in writing the filter as it is case sensitive.


And what happens when the customer changes the numbering rules for Credit Vouchers?

Tou already got the answer you need, but instead of setting a hard coded filter I would rather teach the users to use CTRL+F7 function (Tab Filter).

They might be reluctant at first, but they will end loving it after a while

How do we put a filter to exclude a particular customer from this report?