List of modules and errors

Some time ago Navision Denmark had an NSC site at This site was pretty good and actually contained a lot of information not available in the partnerguide… I especially miss the list of modules and errors. There were a lot of typical errors listed with reason and solution. Did anybody copy all of this information before they took the server off-line??? Right now I get this error using SQL: Internal error 27 in module 30 Anybody know what’s going on?

Have a look in the Navision - Errors Ecetera forum.

Actually it is still there, in a reduced version :-). But the list was: Module error 1 Oprerating System 5 Binary Tree 9 Unknown Type 11 Attribute 19 Database 42 Format 47 Text conversion 48 ZUP-file 160 CryptoAPI 243 NetBIOS 244 TCP/IP 500 TAB Structure Unfortunately no module 30 description.

Maybe this “newer list” may help: 1 Operating System 5 Trees (keyed index trees) 9 Type 11 Attributes 15 Stack Manager 17 File 18 Large Fixed Decimal Numbers 19 Database 24 MiniTree 25 Help Lookup 27 OIO (backup and restore?) 30 Presentation Object Manager 35 OCX 36 OCX Type 40 RunTime 41 Evaluation 42 Format 45 String 46 Date 47 Text Conversion 50 Binary Coded Decimal (Decimal No.) 60 UA (The connection between the Database and Forms) 61 UA_Control (Controls use in the connection between the Database and Forms) 70 Application Object 71 Report Object 77 Dataport Object 80 Execute External Program 81 Form Object 101 AL_Run (C/AL Stack Machine Interpreter) 102 C/AL (compiler and editors) 103 Codeunits 110 Data Manager 111 Wizards 112 Printer Driver 160 License File 165 unknown (fields?) 169 Binary Object Import/Export 200 Development System 243 NetBIOS 244 TCP/IP → 30 Presentation Object Manager

Thanks, now I know the module. But what about the error number?

And the link for those with access :-):

COOL! Thanks HR!

Hi All, I got one of the error which is listed in this forum. That is Internal error 8 in module 24. So according to the forum i changed the zup file …It didnt solve my probelm then i deleted it…it didnt solve my prob…so i left it as it is…but after 2 days when i ran the same report which was giving error earlier started working fine, as it should be… But unfortunately i deleted the database. Now the same is problem is coming in different database. Is it related to booting of machine.