"list" not function when i click on it

Hi All,

my “List” button (Navision arrow UP button) not function even i click it? Any idea ? I had create the new form for key in my Testing Plan record but when i want to list the record that i key in to my Testing Plan Table, i was not able to make it. Did i missed up anything when i create the form?


You need to create a list form based on your table and add its ID in ‘LookUpFormID’ property of your table.

where to look for LookupFormID?

i found the LookupFormID … but when i click on it nothing happened. …


  1. Create a new list form based on your table and copy its ID
  2. Go to your table–>Table properties -->LookUpFormID
  3. Paste the form ID in LookUpFormID property

OK… I FOUND IT… thanks a lot…