List Departement on NAV 2013 WEB CLIENT ??

My NAV 2013 WEB CLIENT contains only sales departement.
I want to add the other list to my web client !
Somebody help me and Thanks in advance [:)]

You want to assign different department for you/user?

I’m new in NAV 2013 and i want to add other departement on the web client.

You develop solutions for Microsoft Dynamics NAV Web client using the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Development Environment — designing Microsoft Dynamics NAV objects and implementing business logic as you do with the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Windows client. The same page or report that is displayed in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Windows client can also be displayed in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Web client.

Thanks but how to add the RTC existing page or report on the Web Client ?

You just add it in RTC and it will be automatically visible in Web Client…

I know But u didn’t understand me ! I want to add different departement with their page and report on the menu of WEB client :wink: I know that i can find them by doing a search in the web page but i want to add them directly in the home page like RTC ! Is that possible ?