Links to Forms

Hi, I wish to develop a form that can be visible on another form. Form A needs to display within Form B and Form C. But wish to carry over the functionality within Form A. Is this possible ? Can i link to another form ? Thanks Theo.

I don’t understand what you are trying to do at all. What do you mean, form that can be visible on another form? And this too: link to another form?

For example i want to develop a Customer form that has many tabs of information regarding a Customer. I want to then display the “Personal Detail” tab on another form. But i dont want to copy and paste it but somehow link it back to that tab so if i make a change to the “Personal Detail” tab in one place its reflected on all the other forms, rather than make the change in each form.

Why not create a separate form based on this one tabPage only? Then you can call it from forms through a menuItem, it is the RIGHT way and it does what you want. And in the created form you intake args and filter the data on a specific client.