Links Manager installed

The old links site has long not been updated or supported. But now the new version has been installed. I’ve decided not to upgrade the old version as the links where mostly unvalid anyway. Please start using the new sites and let me know what you think. This updated version of the Link Manager will also form basic for the new Download Manager comming to you soon!

Hi Erik, I was just trying it out, here are my findings:

  • Is it possible that when a Link is clicked it defaults to open a new browser window? I think it’s more logical and also keeps the user in MBS-UG
  • In the header’s drop down menu, under Links, it reads “Submit a download”, instead of “Submit a Link”
  • Otherwise it’s functional, all it needs are the Links themselves!

Link Manager is good ! But why only one link to a danish firm without english translation of web-site