Linking several Bank Accounts to one G/L - impact on Reconciliation

Hello Everyone,

Do you know if we can link several bank cards to one G/L and be able to do proper Bank Reconciliations?

I know that in NAV 2015 we can do that with New Auto Match Bank Rec, as it doesn’t match the reconciled balance to GL, and I was wondering if the standard Bank Rec can do that as well.

So far, I wasn’t able to find a way to do a standard Bank Rec, when multiple bank accounts are linked to one G/L account. Thank you.


Standard Nav bank recs work off bank accounts and therefore they use bank account ledger entry table and bank statement tables. GL there for control account balancing only between the bank account ledger entry and GL.


Thanks for the prompt response, Neil.

Could you please clarify, do you mean that we can’t do Bank Reconciliation if more than one bank card is linked to a Bank GL? Thank you.


As many as you like. :wink:


That’s a good news!

I tried to do that.

The GL is 1110

I linked Bank 1 and Bank 2 to it.

The I debited $100 to Bank 1 and $200 to Bank 2.

Now, when I do Bank Rec for Bank 1, the GL balance shows $300. Suggest lines shows the $100 that went into Bank 1 Ledger Entry. After I clear $100, I still have $200 as a difference on the Bank 1 reconciliation and can’t post it. How should I complete the Bank Rec? Thanks.

You can’t do this. NAV’s bank rec functionality backs into the balance from the G/L side. I assume they were likely trying to make it a comprehensive rec tool (not just reconcile the bank statement/entries, but also reconcile the tie to the G/L). Personally I wish it had been segregated to give more flexibility…but it wasn’t. You need a separate G/L account per bank account to use NAV’s bank rec functionality.


I am talking about standard Nav bank rec process (Bank Account Reconciliations). In this case you can in GB version. Just checked it by creating on Nav 2015 demo database 2 new bank accounts fpc1 and fpc2 with same new GL control code (2950) and then generating vendor payment runs against each bank account. Created a bank rec for each bank account using suggest payments and having confirmed closing balance and all ok and posted.

So may be a difference in country versions or you are not talking about standard Nav bank rec process.


We’re in North America where the G/L ties in to the reconciliation process. I like the sound of the GB approach. :slight_smile:


Thanks for confirming. It’s amazing how similar and different the country specific versions are.:grinning:


Ron and Nail, thanks a lot for your answers!