Linking external documents

How can you setup a linked document? Is there a way to link a file that can be launched using its associated application, or “Open With” control.

Hi, See the Functionality of “Interaction Template” under Relationship Management. I think that will help you to understand the functionality of linking document in Navision.

You could also just store a file name (including the path to the file) in a field and then use the HYPERLINK command, with that filename as a parameter. This should fire the computer’s associated program.

You can also use the Matriks Doc add on. This will allow you not only to view the document, but also edit it and save new version automatically back into Navision. Check Michal

Matriks isn’t linked documents though, you store the files in your Navision database. Although it is a very nice add-on, there is no functionality that lets documents flow with your Navision docs, like from quote to order to invoice, etc.

Hello Daniel, I am afraid that I have to correct you there. Documents associated with Sales/Purchase documents using Matriks do indeed ‘flow’ with the Navision document. e.g. If you create a Sales Quote and import a document (Customer’s request for a quote for example), and convert it to an order, the quote disappears, but the Document is then visible under the Sales Order. When you post off the Order & create shipments and invoices, you can go to the posted documents and Navigate on them and the Document entry will be visible, which you can then open up again. The same is true of Purchase & Payables. Excellent! [8D]