Linking attachments to a interaction

I’m working in Attain 3.60 and 3.70 and need to link attachments to an interaction. I’m not be able to do this with the standard wizard. Now I want to change the code so this will work. The email will be created by codeunit 5051, 5052 and 5054. In codeunit 5054 the functions Merge and ExecuteMerge will be used. I can’t find how an attachment can be added to the email when merging. Has someone the expirience with this?

You didn’t like my previous answer did u? :slight_smile:

You can define if your email must be emailed as an attachent or not. This is just for the email itself. You can not define an other attachment you want to send with your email. I think it must be solved with code. I just don’t know how when using the standard merge-functions.