Linked table

  1. On MS SQL server computer installes NET8 adn other client tools for Oracle connectivity. 2) On SQL Server added Linked Server linked to Oracle DB, using MSDAORA (from Microsoft, somehow OLE DB data provider from Oralce had not being installed) 3) Created view that uses Oracle data. After that tested query and found that selects directly from Linked Server work, and from view as well 4) In Navision 2.60 with Object Designer created table using erlier create view on MS SQL, for question “There is already object with the same name, created as linked table?” replied ÎÊ. Now when in Navision try to run table or use crated form thor that purposes i recieve MessageBox with next error: 7391 “42000” …The operation could not be performed because OLE DB provider was unable to begin a distribute transaction May be i need exactly data provider from Oracle? But on my workstation i did the same using SQL Server Desktop Edition, all thing worked (used MSDAORA), allthough i used Navision 3.60 because 2.60 could not accept codepage that was in MSDE.

You can only do this on 3.0 and later because you need to disable implicit distributed transactions to external data sources, and those versions include a ‘LinkedInTransaction’ table property which can be set to No.

Well, i used that table property in 3.60 with positive outcome. Guess that is the main reason… Meanwhile, i installed OLE DB provider from Oracle: same result, could not start distributed transaction. Anyway, thanks for reply…