Link between Purchase order and return order

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what is the Link the between Purchase order and return order.

Because againt the Purchase order i will receive and if rejected then i need to send to supplier through Return order.

so where is the relation .

it’s not but if u want to add then Look at Exact cost reversing mandatory field in purchase & payables setup here you can also flow ILE entry no. in purchase line.

As far as my knowledge may be it’s help u.

If you use “Get Posted Doc&ument Lines to Reverse” function while creating the Return Order, thenthe system will create two lines in the Return Order Subform, like

Invoice No. 108023:

Inv. No. 108023 - Rcpt. No. 107023:

these lines will give the Posted Purchase Invoice and Receipt no. which you can use to related the Purchase order and return order.

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This is the different Link.

i will give one example then u can understand .

I placed PO - 10 PCs

I received - 10 Pcs

Out of 10 - 5 Accepted - 5 Rejected.

So 5 material returned to Supplier through Return Order.

again Supplier send the 5 Pcs against the same Purchase order.

Out of 5 PCs - 2 Accepted , 3 rejected.

Again user send that 3 Pcs to supplier .

Again user received 3 Pcs .

Out 3 PCs - 2 accepted , 1 Rejected.

Now User wants to know the the following details

  1. what is PO qty

  2. What is Received Qty

  3. What is Accepted Qty

4 What is Rjected Qty

5 What is the Out standing qty.

I hope i explained the scenerio very well.

Please let me know.

So on the original PO you have 10, you receive 10, you send 5 back - to reflect the 5 coming back what do you do to the original PO?

The way you should approach this is to understand how the system works, as pointed out by Dhan, then tell the customer to analyse the data in “x” format they have to process in “y” manner. If they are not willing to change then perhaps how they want to report is simply not possible.

i notice that this is the same topic:

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Good Observation. I cannot give any award for that .

But the thing is Topics are both different and the requirements are different.

but the content what i mentioned may be the same in both topics

My requirment is

  1. how Link the PO with Return Order

  2. how can i get the details of rejected Qty , Accepted Qty. aginst the PO.

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They are actually the same when you write 200 words the same - you copied and pasted to do that I guess.

Anyway you have your answer - it is on you at this point.