Link between Gl Entry and VAT Entry

Is there a direct reliable Link between the transactions in these 2 tables?

I can look at Document No. and Posting Date, and there is also a field Transaction No.

But is it possible to link individual entries 1 by 1?

So every Vat Entry has a single G/L Entry??

Many thanks

No direct link available, but look at the G/L registers in Financial Management. There you can see which VAT Entries belong to which G/L Entries for a specific transaction.

Yeah that would give me a per batch relationship, but i have a requirement from a customer to remove GL Transactions and all other related transactions that do not have a specific Dimension.

Trouble is VAT Entries do not hold the Dimensions - so i was looking for a direct relationship.

Oh dear.

Thanks though

A dircet relationship is not possible as there can be many G/L entries per VAT Entry (One to many relationship)

PLEASE! Do not remove GL entries! NEVER!

Make a reverse posting instead

This is not a decision that has been taken lightly.

The Database is a copy of the Customers database - they are going through a demerger - they have Gloabl Dimension Code that signify each Division.

The Demerger requires a new database for the Demerged company with only it’s own transactions in.

The client has been on navision since 2.6 and has over 2 million G/L Entries that are “unwanted”.

Can you suggest an alternative way?

Plus the timeframe for this is very very short too.

Yes, instead of copying all g/l entries you can create them via the general journal. If you populate the VAT information fields correctly chances are the vat is correctly posted also.

It is at least worth a try I think.