Linenum of wmsjournaltable


Is there a class or method I can used to update the linenum of wmsjournaltable because I have done some modifications that do insert into wmsjournaltrans and it is working well the problem is how to update the linenum of wmsjournaltable? or do I need to create a method selectupdate? please advice thanks.

What is the use of having the lineNum in WMSJournalTable? It will be there in wmsJournalTrans as there can be more than one wmsJournalTrans for a selected wmsJournalTable record


Already wmsjournaltable has the coloumn calles “Lines”(No of lines field).It will get the count of lines record.

Hi Kranthi

In my modification I have form that inserting record in wmsjournaltrans the number of records in wmsjournaltrans is not updating to the number of line in wmsjournaltable so do i need to code the select forupdate the wmsjournaltable? or there a methods need to call to update it?

Hi Saju K thank for the info i will check this thanks.

Hi Guys sorry what I mean in wmsjournaltable is the numofline field every time I do inserting in wmsjournaltrans and close the form I need to numofline in wmsjournaltable is not updating do I need to used select forupdate for this please advice thanks…

The post write event handles this journalFormTrans.datasourceWritePost(); which called in \Forms\WMSJournalReception\Data Sources\WMSJournalTrans\Methods\write


Simple reference can be seen in \Classes\InventQuarantineUpdReportFinished\updateQuarantineOrder as well

Thanks Kranthi this is really big help for me thank to additional info it is work.