Line No. in BOM Component Table

Hi, my problem is: I must to create a table same BOM Component Table and I want the same autoincrement value for Line No. fileds. How can I do it? Thanks all

I’m afraid your question is a bit cryptic. I think you need to design a table with the same functionality as the BOM Component but don’t know how to emulate the autoincrement, is this correct? If this is it, you must make sure that the last Field in the Primary Key of your table is an Integer type Field. Then, on the List Form used to access the table you must set the AutoSplitKey property to Yes. This will make Navision use the Integer field to automatically keep track of the lines. Does it help?

Hello, the auto incrementation of the Line No. field of records like the BOM Component Line Table, Sales Line Table, Comment table etc is controlled by the AutoSplitKey property on the corresponding form, e.g. Form 36 Bill of Materials AutoSplitKey: Yes Then when anyone inserts a new line, the Line No. field increments.

I think clembo is refering to autoincrement, not autosplit auto increment is the new function in 3.60 that works similar autosplit, but at the table level. My guess is that he saw the property in the table, and assumed that it was the one. clembo, I do not recommend usung autoincrement in this case, use autosplit as edward mentions.