line discount(Indian process)- navision different

Every indian firm is following this is process.
The Line discount caluclation is differnt to navision.
I want to give line discount to a customer 10000.
So In line discount form i had given like this
Sales code Item MiniQty Line Discount Starting Date Ending Date
10000 1000 10 50 % 06/01/07 07/01/07

Total amount = 1000 INR
after line Discoutnt Total amount = 500 INR
So Cust 10000 Placed order for that item On 06/02/07.
Firm shipped that item on 06/03/07. Invoiced on 06/04/07. In that invoice Firm mentioned regarding sales line discount %.
Cust received sales invoice and ready to pay On 06/08/07 , Amount 1000 INR.
Customer Paid 1000 INR.( He did not get line discount at this stage , Because Ending date is 07/01/07. )
After 07/01/07 Customer will raise credit memo for invoice discount 500 INR. ten Firm will also raise creditmemo 500 INR ( to give line discount to customer).

So the meaning is In sales invoice report just they give the line discount .
But Customer will get the line discount after ending date of line discount that is 07/01/07.

So How to solve this problem in navision.
I know how navision can give line discount. At the time of invoice it post to G/L accounts.

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Well at a rough guess, I am pretty sure that you have not installed Navision in EVERY INDIAN FIRM, so I think really what you mean, is that the companies you have met do this. [;)]

Anyway, this is not discounting, what you are describing above is rebating, and this is common in in many companies, it has nothing to do with India.

So the way that Rebates are processed in Navision, is that once the client has reached the criteria to achieve the Rebate, you generate a Credit Memo against the original invoice of type Charge Item and apply these Charge Items against the Items.

Also there is another mechanism in Navision called Payment discounts, but that is not really what you are describing here.