Line break in Label


I want to create a line break in label, I have used /r/n and also /n,but none of these are working. Can you please help me on this. I’m working ax 2012R3…Thanks for your help


You must use backslash instead of forward slash.

I think he already means \ but \n useless with some controls. He should use num2char(10) or strfmtlb like that blog page:




Thanks for your reply…

Actually right now i have created labels separately and added like below:
tmpPSAProjInvoice.CorrespodentBank = “@BSS119”+"\r\n" + “@BSS120” +"\r\n" + “@BSS121” + “\r\n” + “@BSS122”;

And it’s working as expected like @BSS119

So here i would like to merge all these labels and would like create a single label with line breaks.would that be possible?

Yes, it is possible. Simply open the label editor and search for \n; it’ll show you existing labels containing line breaks (e.g. @SYS322578: The port ‘%1’ could not be deployed.\nError: %2).

Hi Martin, Unfortunately it’s not working. I actually tested with job and this label( @SYS322578) is displaying without any label break. Do you have any other suggestions? actually we have many labels in AX like this and we need reformat all of them. Thank you

Please tell me how exactly you test it. A screenshot may be useful as well.