Limited access to Development Tools

Hi everybody im new in dynamics i have a problem with my dynamics ax 2009 when i load license file into dynamics ax in warning section it tells me that i have access to all features of dynamics included X++ editing and development tools but when i run dynamics i cant see development tools in dynamics menu and when i go to users presmission form i can not set access to full control for development tools and it is set to no access and when i change it to full control it goes back to no access again please can someone help me? thanks for your care

With what user permissions you are doing it?

oh thank god

at least someone answred

im logged in with administrator

i installed dynamics ax 2009 on win server 2003 and logged in with administrator

To which development tool you are trying to give permissions…

all of that

i mean i can not see development tools in dynamics ax drop down menu

and all of access to development tools are no access and when i change that to full access it goes back to no access again

Hi Maziar,

We discussed this before in this forum

Usually this will be case if your license is expired. Is this the case in your installation?

Best wishes,

Harish, I’ve been pulling my hair out with a similar problem. I didn’t even notice the license keys had expired. Thanks!