Limit available vendors by buyer group


I have a buyers group setup that has 10 vendors associated with it. For certain users that create purchase orders, I have added them to the buyers group with the idea that when the go to create a new purchase order manually, they would be limited to just those vendors. This doesn’t seem to be working as the users have all vendors available on the drop-down. Is there something else, in setup possibly, to make this work or is this not the way buyer groups work?



Buyer groups are really used for filtering, to limit record lookup you would need security (XDS) to be configured, if indeed it is possible in that scenario.

Thanks for your reply. Guess that explains why I couldn’t get them to be limited by group. I will need to look at an XDS policy and see if that is an option.

Hi Shawn,
The only functionality that limits the vendors when creating a purchase order, is the Approved vendor section of the Purchase tab in the action pane.
But this is item related, so you can limit (no restriction, warning, not allowed) an item to be purchased to a particular vendor, this is not Buyer group related. As it is item related you will need to configure (at least) the items you are interested in not to be purchased to an un-approved or not convenient vendor.