License Path problem during Export in NAV 2009r2

Hi everyone,

I have searched regarding this issue but i could not find the proper solution to it,

So when i try to export the license file to take a backup before importing the new one. I get this error “The operating system cannot find the file C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\60\Classic\fin.flf .”

I checked that path “C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\60\Classic\fin.flf”, There was no Fin.flf license, It had only the Cronus license. I tried changing the name to Fin.flf. The license got exported, but its a CRONUS license not the clients.

Then i checked the SQL Database, File->Database->Alter->Store license in SQL was not Checked. So the license is not stored in the SQL database.

Can someone please help me on what should i do to Export the license? Thanks in Advance

Hi Mark,

You cannot export the license from the system, only upload. The Export function (and import) is really just leftover from the native database/server, which is also supported in NAV 2009. When using SQL Server, then it’s not using the license file in the \Classic folder.

In regards to “Store license in SQL”, then that just means that the license is stored directly in the database and cannot be used by other NAV databases on that server. But even if it is stored there, then it is not stored there as a *.flf file, so it doesn’t really help you much.

The reason (I guess) is that users should not be able to take a copy of the license and use it somewhere else. A copy of the license is normally provided by your partner, when they install the system. So always store your original license files in a safe place.