License File

I’m currently trying to automatically open an Attain client loading a specific license file. Does anybody know if it is possible ??

Yeah just save that license as ‘fin.flf’ in the client program directory and voila. Or, if you are using SQL, upload the license and voila.

Thanks Daniel, my problem is different. What I whould like to do is like having 2 links on the desktop: link1 → path\fin.exe ‘some parameter’\file1.flf link2 → path\fin.exe ‘some parameter’\file2.flf so I can open the same database (from service) with different license depending on the link I choose.

I see. So you want a way to load the database with a developer license, so you don’t have to do the annoying ‘change license’ bit :). I don’t know if this is possible, so I’ll keep an eye out for this topic.

I don’t think it is possible. I believe it used to be, back in the 3.56 days…

If Daniel’s guess is correct and you’re trying to change to a developer’s license, here is the fastest key-combo for that: - Open Navision, - Login to your desired Database/Company (use Windows Authentication to skip the need for User ID/Password); - ALT+T, L (opens License Information); - ALT+C (opens Change License File); - ENTER (usually you will want the same license as the last time, so it will already be selected); - ESC (closes License Information); - ALT+F, 1 (opens the last used Database/Company); - Login again (once more, Windows Authentication skips this step). I know, I know, it looks like one of those special combo attacks from Mortal Kombat… [:D][:D] But I can login with a developer’s license faster than you can say Microsoft Business Solutions-Navision [;)]